• The most powerful cybersecurity solution in the world

    Industrial Security for Point-to-Point Communication

    An impenetrable barrier between defined endpoints within your existing network.

    Intelligence-grade, quantum-resistant security.



  • Smart Cities

    Protect sensitive equipment and public safety services contained inside exposed endpoints and pedestals. Protected even when communicating over the public Internet and Wi-Fi.


    Secure existing ATMs, kiosks, and point-of-sale devices and their connections to their servers in corporate headquarters, credit card processors, and other resources.

    Medical Systems

    Protect hospital networks, patient rooms, and patient wearable devices (such as drug delivery and pacemakers). Safely collect health information and administer health care remotely from any network.

    Industrial Control Systems, IoT

    and IIoT

    Secure devices, factory floor SCADA systems and distributed sensors, all without endpoint agents, network changes, or patches.

    The Power Grid

    Secure command and control of remote substations and distributed energy resources over standard networks, including public LTE.


    Comprehensive Cyber Security for gaming operators, guests and regulators.

  • Works seamlessly with Your Existing Network

    We don’t replace it, complicate it or degrade its performance. Velta Technology lays on top of your current network to create an impenetrable network segment where defined endpoints can communicate with ultimate protection and security.

  • Continuous Threat Detection

    Full spectrum IoT and OT visibility, continuous security monitoring, and real-time risk insights.

    Specifically designed to ensure safe, secure and reliable operations in large, complex networks with zero impact to operational processes and underlying devices.


    CTD generates behavioral patterns that characterize legitimate traffic and alerts you to network changes, vulnerabilities and threats.

    Enterprise Management View

    A centralized management interface displays a unified global view of assets, activities, alerts, and access request across complex Security Operation Center (SOC) deployments.



    Industrial Cybersecurity

    A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform


    Protection specifically for operational technology (OT) environments within enterprises and critical infrastructure. The platform provides comprehensive OT asset and network visibility, segmentation, vulnerability management, threat detection, risk assessment, and secure remote access capabilities—all within a single solution.

    Protects OT assets and networks from internal and external cyber threats.

    Secure Remote Access

    Enables organizations to safeguard networks from the threats introduced by unmanaged and unmonitored remote access. Minimizes the risks remote users introduce to OT networks.

    Provides a single interface that all external users connect through for remote maintenance, support activities and software upgrades. Segregated from the internal network, SRA allows organizations to extend access to important assets without compromising security.

    Security Risk Assessment

    We conduct risk assessments of your operational environment. Our solution ingests a network capture (PCAP) file and generates a comprehensive report detailing the industrial network, its assets, and deep insights including CVEs, configuration and other weaknesses.

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