• Cyber Attack Common Areas of Threat

    With 1,000 potential points of entry - they only need one.

    All Forms of Internal Data

    Data and cyber criminals

    With GDPR, CCPA and consumer data protection laws; you have to protect yourself and consumers. Cyber criminals are capable of hacking the most sophisticated infrastructures, if you're not protected.

    Industrial Control Systems

    ICS Network vulnerability

    OT assets are inherently not secure and subject to cyber attack. With OT responsible for industrial assets, they must be equipped with the tools, skills and solutions not available through traditional IT tools.

    Internet of Things

    Connected device vulnerability

    Connected devices serve many needs of individuals and businesses, yet open a host of security challenges in preventing intruders from hacking into private or personal devices and anything connected by a smart chip.

    Industrial Internet of Things

    Industrial IoT asset protection

    The sheer number of IoT devices that are connected across industries geographies has naturally put a strain on the industry. The possible entry points for a cyber attack are almost limitless and no business can be prepared enough for an attack.

  • The Hidden ICS, IoT and IIoT Vulnerability

    The Backbone of Internal Business Operations

    Don't Look the Other Way

    Serious damage often occurs to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) without any awareness until a breach or shutdown to operations has occurred.


    Critical Operational Infrastructure is the prime target for adversaries. Damage can occur because internal operations are not equipped to detect an intruder. OT equipment is inherently vulnerable to an attack.


    You cannot afford to ignore your critical operational infrastructure.

    Bridge the Gap Between IT & OT

    Differing Roles

    OT and IT serve different functions within any organization. Both are important, yet priorities are often different between IT and OT. However, the emergence of the Industrial Internet and the integration of complex physical machinery with networked sensors and software, the lines between the two areas of expertise are blurring.


    Velta Technology helps bridge the gap between the areas of expertise and eliminates the vulnerability to the overall company and organization.

    Protecting OT and IIoT

    Unique Vulnerabilities

    OT, IoT and IIoT equipment offers little or no telemetry data. You must employ sophisticated protection to identify adversaries who up until now could operate without being detected or noticed until a crisis occurs.


    Operational Technology (OT) literally runs the world's infrastructure. With IoT connected devices and Industrial IoT becoming the norm for the the operating of our world, it's time to protect your business, your customers and your world.


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