• Velta Technology is a Cisco IoT Advantage

    Cybersecurity Partner

    Velta Technology Helps You Get Safer Sooner

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    Digital Safety & Industrial Manufacturing Cybersecurity Experts

    Unified IT/OT Cybersecurity Architecture

    Velta Technology provides a bridge between IT and OT. Our thorough knowledge of Cisco Cyber Vision allows us to bring unified IT and Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity architecture, safety and operational security to the Industrial Manufacturing sector.

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    Operational Resiliency

    Continuous Threat Detection & Operational Security

    Gain visibility into your industrial assets, continuously detect threats, ensure process integrity and maximize digital safety while minimizing cybersecurity threats.

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    Improved Business Outcomes

    Securely Connected & Monitored Operational Assets

    Maximize safety and performance with cutting-edge IoT/OT cybersecurity solutions leveraging Velta Technology's advanced expertise in industrial manufacturing, security and IoT data management.