• Who We Are

    Velta Technology is comprised of multi-disciplinary industrial manufacturing and critical infrastructure experts. We understand the differences between industrial and IT infrastructures, as well as the toolsets required to secure them.


    Our experience and partnerships with the world's leading solution providers in the industrial space allow us to integrate cybersecurity solutions with existing technologies. We bridge the gap in expertise and understanding from industrial assets on the plant floor across to the enterprise.


    About Velta Technology

    • Over 100 years of combined OT/ IT Industrial, Enterprise & C-suite experience

    • Laser-focused on the industrial and manufacturing space

    • Platform agnostic while having relationships with world-class partners across technologies & environments

    • Proprietary Velta Technology Standards, Platforms & Methodologies

    • Specialized Digital Safety / Cybersecurity Training program

    • First to the market with Digital Safety as a Service

    • Unique capabilities to put all the pieces together for a solution of value

    • Qualified to exist on the production floor and in cyberspace - safely



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  • Strategic Partnerships


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    Authorized & Certified Partnerships & Partner Recognition

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    One of a select few authorized to deploy and operationalize the Cisco Cyber Vision Visibility Platform.


    Cisco Cyber Vision has been specifically developed for OT and IT teams to work together to ensure production continuity, resilience and safety.

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    Velta Technology is a Certified Partner for txOne Networks.



    North America

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  • Stop a Cyberattack Before it Happens

    With 1000s of potential points of entry, they only need one.