• Digital Safety and Security for Industrial Environments

    You Can't Protect What You Can't See

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  • Digital Safety

    Protect Your Primary Areas of Vulnerability & Risk

    Process Integrity

    IP Protection

    Human Safety

    Remote Access

  • What We Do

    Technology, Solutions & Services

    Technology & Tools

    End-to-End Protection

    Industrial Hardened Platforms : Appliances, Enclosures, Networking

    Continuous Monitoring : Ability to see real time performance and threats

    Secure Remote Access : With full Audit Tracking and Controls

    Industrial Endpoint Protection : The definitive protection in the industry

    Connected Devices Vulnerability Index (CDV Index): Identify your supply chain risks




    Visibility & Digital Safety

    Velta Technology Tabletop Exercise: The Velta Technology Tabletop Exercise (VTTX) is a cross-team collaboration that demonstrates how a realistic attack may occur within your unique ICS environment. Strengthen internal communication strategies, agree on security ownership across the organization, and strengthen internal relationships.

    Velta Technology Visibility Program : Real-time visibility into the assets in your industrial environment, behavior anomalies, security threats and vulnerabilities. More than simply a moment-in-time Risk Assessment.

    Velta Technology SenseR Ready Panel™ Program: Build your next panel Digital Safety Ready and eliminate expensive retro-fit costs down the road. Get visibility and detection of cyber threats for your industrial assets.

    Velta Technology Digital Safety Standards : A continuous improvement methodology that supports protection of industrial assets. Covers everything from cybersecurity threats to process integrity issues that can impact environmental and human harm.


    Service and Support Options

    Strategy & Advisory Support : Recommendations, designs and roadmaps to navigate safety maturity for industrial asset networks.

    Deployment : From onsite Basic installation and configuration to Enhanced assistance for a full year.

    Operationalize : Build programs for existing or new platforms to improve value and mitigation in your local environment

    Managed Services : Basic/Standard/Premier options to deliver full-platform and resources for your organization.

  • Solutions

    Digital Safety and Cybersecurity Solutions for the Industrial Space

    Endpoint Protection

    Continuous Threat Monitoring



    Secure Remote Access

    Digital Safety as a Service




    Penetration Testing

    Incident Response



    Digital Safety Posture

    What is DSaaS?

    Digital Safety as a Service

    When it comes to your Operational Technology, protecting your digital safety is important. Velta Technology understands the importance of protecting the safety of your digital assets. Why leave yourself vulnerable to a cyberattack when you can have 24/7 assurance that your critical infrastructure and operational technologies are fully protected.


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