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  • Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Training

    Laying the Foundation for the OT Cyber Technician Role

    Objective: Discover the context of OT cybersecurity and Digital Safety for their organization.

    Upon completionof the course, participants will have learned the foundational concepts of the uniqueness of operational technologies as it relates to cybersecurity, the risks it presents, and methods to support programs to reduce risk and improve resiliency in an OT environment.

  • Who should attend

    Engineers, Operators, Facility Managers/Supervisors (or others with industrial or plant floor experience) who have basic computer skills, experience with automated machines, and a desire to learn the cyber risk impact to OT devices.

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    Topics Covered

    Industrial Technology, Cybersecurity and Risks

    • Operational Technology (OT) definition
    • OT systems and hardware types
    • Real risks in the OTenvironment
    • IT impact of convergence
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     OT Networks, Architecture and Frameworks

    • OT network basic tools and concepts
    • ICS reference models, i.e., Purdue
    • Cybersecurity frameworks, NIST
    • Exposures, vulnerability management
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    Prepare, Manage and Support for OT Cybersecurity

    • Digital Safety Pillars
    • Types of OT cybersecurity tools
    • Reactive actions to minimize damage
    • Proactive actions to minimize risk


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    What You Will Learn

    • Describe potential risks associated with cyber OT
    • Explain the key challenges that make OT security different from IT
    • Define the main concepts of core OT models, IS95/Purdue
    • Understand the basics of network connectivity, IP, routing, and SPAN/mirroring
    • Define key technology components in an OT environment
    • Awareness of published cyber frameworks for OT
    • Knowledge of necessary steps to take before a compromise
    • Knowledge of necessary steps to take after a compromise
    • Exposure to the methods and leading toolsets in the marketplace
    • Develop a high-level approach for improving the cyber posture in your location

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