How Do You Choose a Cybersecurity Partner and Not Just a Vendor?

It’s not uncommon for companies to establish a list of technical criteria, complete an RFP and select a vendor. Choosing an industrial cybersecurity solution should go beyond the RFP technical specs and features criteria, to ensure you select a ‘partner,’ and not just a vendor.

Any company that offers industrial cybersecurity, can sell cybersecurity features and services as a vendor. A partner will go beyond products and services to collaborate with you to understand your organization, work effectively across your internal teams, and be technology neutral in order to most effectively meet your needs. A partner should be knowledgeable of your existing and newly purchased technology and work to prioritize and protect the security of your industrial assets.

As you embark on this journey of finding an OT cybersecurity partner, rather than a vendor, there are five key factors to keep in mind. By keeping these considerations at the forefront, you can ensure your organization achieves optimal security outcomes while forging a valuable long-term partnership.

1. Prioritize the Process   Making the process a top priority is crucial to choosing the right OT partner. Your team must be able to comprehend the technology being offered and possess the necessary skills to utilize it effectively. Rather than forcing your organization to adapt its processes to accommodate the latest technology, a partner should be capable of providing technology that aligns seamlessly with your existing workflows. While some training may be required to fully adapt to the new technology, it should not disrupt your organization's workflow entirely. Avoiding such disruptions will prevent time delays and maintain a positive and productive environment for your staff.

2. Know the Value To expedite results and maximize efficiency, it is vital to understand the true value OT assets have on your organization and the objectives that must be achieved to safeguard them. By deconstructing tasks into manageable segments, you can set attainable goals which in turn breeds success, fuels momentum, and fosters trust among your team. This strategic approach not only enhances internal communications, but also gives users the ability to measure and report on ROI, which can be a powerful way to evaluate and measure success while validating success over time.

3. Can they Help You Operationalize Your Investment? Making the commitment to invest in or upgrade the industrial cybersecurity for your ICS equipment is a wise step. However, we’ve seen that operationalizing that investment can be challenging. Rather than simply buy the solution and hope your staff are equipped to fully implement all the functionality of your chosen solution, ensure your technology partner is equipped or can offer a solution to operationalize the equipment so you maximize your outcome and ROI.

4. Understand Your Training Options Ensure you understand the training options when selecting an industrial cybersecurity partner. They should offer diverse avenues for training,
including both in-person and online formats. Equally important is the availability of self-service training, which proves invaluable for on-demand learning and navigating staff turnover or expansion. In addition, it’s essential to consider additional training opportunities that focus on advanced capabilities. Such training ensures your organization consistently derives value from its investment. By empowering staff members to enhance their professional development, pursue continuing education credits, or attain certifications, these training options bolster their expertise and support ongoing growth.

5. Are they Skilled at IT / OT Collaboration? Choosing a partner that can assist with internal collaboration between IT and OT teams is equally crucial when selecting a security technology partner. Despite their unique areas of focus, distinct strategies, initiatives, skills, and expertise, these departments rely on technology partners and third-party professional services to help safeguard technology. In this case, bridging the gap between IT and OT domains is essential to ensure seamless technology integration and ownership to prevent an ICS security breach. Having a trusted partner in your corner better equips organizations to facilitate the exchange of information and responsibilities while elevating the overall understanding and comprehension of OT cybersecurity across teams.

We work with the industry’s leading cybersecurity technology providers to consult, implement,
and operationalize, comprehensive solutions across industries. At Velta Technology, we’re dedicated to serve as a reliable and trustworthy partner to our clients. Whether introducing new technology or optimizing existing systems for long-term improvement, our team of experts are committed to providing the highest level of service and support. Through enduring partnerships, we ensure our clients' success for years to come.

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