Why Private Companies Can't Afford to Look The Other Way

New Standards for Cybersecurity Disclosure

Rising expectations for public companies are a precursor for what's ahead for private companies

The contemporary corporate realm is witnessing a seismic shift. With the recent modifications in the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) cybersecurity disclosure regulations, public companies are suddenly finding themselves under greater scrutiny. Expectations have risen for greater transparency and associated accountability. Today, any complacency in the industrial security landscape can have serious repercussions.

As public companies prepare to comply with the immanent reporting requirements for adverse cyber events, it's crucial for private sector leaders to be proactive in anticipating likely changes ahead for their organizations as well. How likely are large private organizations to be immune
to this evolving trend? The cyber event reporting standards for public companies are likely to permeate the private sector, enhancing the need for private companies to prepare now for potential reporting requirements.

So, how should both public and private entities, especiallythose in the Operational Technology (OT) / Industrial Control System (ICS) functional areas, navigate this terrain? Here’s what the experts at Velta Technology advise:

Integrity & Readiness: Whether you're a global conglomerate or a regional operator, the edict remains consistent: develop a culture where cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. The aim shouldn't be mere compliance but fostering genuine transparency, safeguarding stakeholder trust, and ensuring a seamless operational flow.

Holistic Defense Strategy: Patchwork solutions won't cut it. In a world riddled with complex cyber threats, companies need a comprehensive defense framework. This involves everything from fundamental plant floor asset discovery, sophisticated threat detection, to well-thought-out incident response plans.

Prevention & Recovery: Be prepared, always. Organizations must focus on bolstering their preventive measures while also devising effective recovery strategies. This dual approach
ensures that companies can tackle challenges head-on and recover swiftly.

Stay Updated & Vigilant: The cyber realm is dynamic, making vigilance crucial. Staying up-to-date about regulatory modifications, CISA notifications, emerging threats, and industry best practices is mandatory.

The Board's Responsibility & Oversight: Especially pertinent for OT/ICS sectors, board members must have a fundamental awareness and knowledge of cybersecurity risks to the business. When engaging with management, they should know the right questions to ask
about industrial cybersecurity protection, posing pertinent OT-specific queries and ensuring that the organization's digital and physical defenses are robust.

Operational Resilience & Future Readiness: Reactive measures, while crucial, are just one side of the coin. Companies need to proactively invest in monitoring tools, anomaly detection mechanisms, and OT-centric incident response capabilities to stay ahead of the game in order to be prepared.

The enhanced focus by the SEC on cybersecurity disclosure isnot a mere regulatory whim but an indication of the times. As public companies adapt to the heightened standards, private entities, especially those whose primary business model functions with OT and ICS, need to anticipate the future, prepare adequately, and ensure they're always a step ahead.

Your Path to Enhanced Industrial Cybersecurity Startswith a Digital Safety Partner

In today's volatile cybersecurity landscape, protecting yourindustrial operations is paramount. Whether you're navigating the SEC's new cybersecurity disclosure requirements or bolstering your OT/ICS environments, the stakes have never been higher. From ransomware targeting manufacturers to increased demands for remote access to platforms with known or unknown
vulnerabilities, the challenges are ever evolving.

The experts at Velta Technology, armed with practical hands-on experience across industries from Global Fortune 100 to regional organizations, function as your digital safety partner. We're more than simply a cybersecurity solutions provider. We are prepared to become an extension of your internal operational team, aligning with your specific needs, and ensuring safety from the factory floor to the Enterprise.

Our proprietary standards, solutions, and methodologies, combined with our pioneering approach of Digital Safety as a Service, ensure that your operations remain both agile and secure. In a world where cybersecurity challenges are ever evolving, be proactive with Velta Technology and take steps now to Get Safer Sooner.

For a tailored approach to your industrial cybersecurity needs, connect with us at asktheexperts@veltatech.com or call 314-463-3600.

Remember, in cybersecurity, it's always better to lead than to follow.