Velta Technology Earns Cisco IoT Advantage Cybersecurity Partner Status

St. Charles, MO, January 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Velta Technology, a leading provider of digital safety and cybersecurity solutions for the industrial manufacturing industry, has earned the prestigious Cisco IoT Advantage Partner status. In addition to this recognition, Velta Technology has also completed the Cisco Cyber Vision Deep Dive training, allowing them to bring unified IT/OT cybersecurity architecture to the industrial manufacturing sector ensuring continuity, resilience, and safety of industrial operations.

“With the recent threat activity increase, accelerated adoption of Industry 4.0, and the widespread use of IoT devices, Velta Technology recognizes the importance of partnering with Cisco to serve the industrial manufacturing sector as a Cisco IoT Advantage Partner,” said Dino Busalachi, Velta Technology’s Chief Technology Officer. “Each of our solutions are tested and validated in our digital safety and cybersecurity lab.”

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) market and continued expansion of 5G technology, bring significant cybersecurity risks; in addition to the fact that IoT devices are particularly prone to hacking and targeted malware. With the complexity of the IIoT ecosystem, number of devices and vendors, and lack of standards; IoT cybersecurity requires advanced knowledge and skill.

As industrial manufacturing experts, Velta Technology helps companies protect themselves from IoT/OT security breaches by providing full visibility into their industrial networks. This allows industrial manufacturers to continuously detect threats, ensure process integrity, build secure infrastructures, support regulatory compliance, and maximize digital safety while minimizing cybersecurity threats. Velta Technology’s unique security solution methodology and market approach allows companies to get safer sooner.

Cisco is a world leader in communications and networking, with a solid suite of products and solutions for industrial environments. The Cisco IoT Advantage Specialization allows Velta Technology to sell, implement, and support cutting-edge IoT/OT cybersecurity solutions with advanced expertise in industrial security and IoT data management.

About Velta Technology

Velta Technology specializes in Digital Safety and Cybersecurity for the industrial space. They understand industrial assets and infrastructure and bridge the gap between Industrial IoT and OT/IT convergence. The Velta Technology team is comprised of multi-disciplinary industrial manufacturing and critical infrastructure experts. They understand the differences between industrial and IT infrastructures and the toolsets required to secure them. They partner with leading solution providers in the industrial space allowing them to integrate cybersecurity solutions with existing technologies.